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Back office calculators for financial professionals

Built with financial advisors in mind, this handy set of financial calculators helps you quickly respond to your client's most common questions. Add these financial calculators to your web site quickly and easily. We will help brand the calculators to match your web site, and you'll be up and running in just a day or two.

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Comprehensive financial needs analysis modules give a more detailed approach to financial planning. The colorful, logically-structured PDF reports make it fun and easy to present traditionally difficult concepts to your clients and prospects. Detailed year-by-year illustrations eliminate any "black box" calculations. Typically these modules would be completed in a back-office setting with the PDF report printed, archived and presented across a desk, however, because it is now web accessible you may find it easier to complete on-site with your client. Call for pricing.

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All of our financial calculators have been designed following "responsive web design" principles, adapting to the size of the screen on which they are displayed. From the smallest cell phone to the largest desktop monitor, as an advisor you will be able to use these advisor calculators comfortably.

Our advisor calculators output calculated results directly to a PDF report, making it easy for financial professionals to share the results with clients via email or print. The concise, one-page PDF reports are perfect for quickly sharing answers to financial questions with clients. Include your company logo on the report also to give it your personal touch.

You will never know that the financial calculators on your web site are hosted by CalcXML since they will blend right in, matching your colors, fonts and other styling features. Custom titles, descriptions and disclaimers allow you maximum flexibility on the presentation of the calculator pages as well as the PDF reports.

With a growing global financial economy, you need financial tools that can grow right along with you. The financial calculators at CalcXML can be used in any country and any currency.

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