FIST® Score

It's all about your FInancial STability

FIST® Score - Helping clients achieve financial stability

FIST® Score (FInancial STability) is a comprehensive financial wellness index, which allows your clients to quickly identify personal financial weakness. Utilizing peer comparisons, online education, tailored recommendations and personal action plans, your clients can dramatically improve their financial health.


FIST® strengthens relationships and builds customer loyalty through these crucial components:

  1. Comprehensive needs assessment
  2. Ongoing engagement
  3. Product assistance

After logging into the FIST® Score dashboard and answering a few targeted questions, clients will receive a high-level view of their financial picture addressing the four areas of risk: liquidity, longevity, life and loans.

Using interactive dials, the dashboard pinpoints financial gaps and recommends your financial product solutions such as savings, retirement accounts, loans and mortgages to help improve one's financial health. Through the client-created action plan, email and text alerts, the FIST® application will assist each client to improve their score. With a goal of reaching 100 in each area, clients work to achieve FInancial STability.

FIST® Score Features
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • National/Group Comparables
  • PDF Individualized Action Plan
  • Goal Setting & Monitoring
  • Task List and Email Reminders
  • AI Personalized Videos
  • Credit Score Analyzer
  • Advanced Planning Tools
Corporate Features
  • Customizable Content
  • Product Integration
  • Company Colors & Logo
  • Administrative Reports
  • Marketing Reports
  • Targeted Email Lists
  • Single Sign-On Capability
  • Secure & Scalable Cloud Solution

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